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The Teeny Tiny Stevies Get Creative in Lockdown – With a New Album for Kids

The Teeny Tiny Stevies 'crowdsourced' the topics for their latest record - by asking parents what challenges they were facing, and turning them into songs.

Listen: Byll from the Teeny Tiny Stevies chats to Hope Breakfast

By Sam RobinsonWednesday 12 Aug 2020Hope BreakfastMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

Despite the many challenges 2020 has brought, there’s something amazingly adapatable about kids: they’re still managing to grow up and learn about the world about them.

It’s something sisters Bethany ‘Beth’ and Sibylla ‘Byll’ Stephen, better known as the Australian children’s music duo the Teeny Tiny Stevies, have recognised in their latest offering – an album called Thoughtful Songs for Little People.

The pair already have a back catalogue of songs designed to help kids navigate various daily experiences – such as going to the loo, sleeping through the night, and getting dressed. Their songs are amazingly singable too – and not just for kids; in the words of SMH’s Louise Rugendyke, they’ve “pulled off that tricky feat of making music that small people love and adults don’t want to throw out the window”.

Now, with their latest CD, kids get to sing along to songs about a lot of important topics – like the environment (in Plastic), death (in Everything Comes to an End), and, of course, the pandemic – in their wildly popular, Stay Home.

When Everyday Things Become Music

As Byll told Breakfast’s Sam & Duncan, the duo collected ideas for the album, by asking parents what challenges and issues they were facing—and turning them into songs.

“All the themes are sort of crowdsourced,” Byll explained. “Things that are written about on this album are themes that kept coming up again and again and again: such as emotional intelligence, and songs for parents who fly-in-fly-out of work…”

The Stevies

Above: Byll and Beth (L) as The Little Stevies, and (R) as the Teeny Tiny Stevies

Byll, based in Melbourne, is currently juggling the album’s release alongside being a mum, amid Stage 4 lockdown.

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“As a musician, it’s impacted us hugely,” she said of the pandemic. “Live work ceased, and we’ve been trying to stay positive, and in terms of work, to see how we could do things differently. The second lockdown is much harder than the first.”

Hear the whole chat in the player above. Thoughtful Songs for Little People by Teeny Tiny Stevies is out now.

To listen to their songs, check them out Facebook.