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Needtobreathe Announce First New Album in 4 Years — ‘Out of Body’

Grammy Award nominees ​Needtobreathe​ have officially announced the release of their forthcoming album 'Out of Body​’, due to hit shelves on ​August 28​.

By Hope 103.2Friday 12 Jun 2020

Grammy Award nominees Needtobreathe​ have officially announced the release of their forthcoming album ‘Out of Body​’, due to hit shelves on ​August 28​. The trio have also given audiences the first taste of the new record with their anthem ‘​Hang On​’.

Following on from the bands critically-acclaimed album ‘​Hard Love​’, which was the band’s ​first ARIA charting album and hit ​number two on the US Billboard 200​, ​‘Out of Body’​ marks the band’s first album in four years, and a return to their musical roots.

“​The last record was a bit of a departure, sonically. To a fan that’s been around for a long time, this feels like home. If you’re a fan of the Americana or the rock version of Needtobreathe, you’re going to be excited about this record,” said frontman ​Bear Rinehart. ​

“​We’re really excited about this record. I think it has a lot to offer the world right now.”

Fans are still reeling over the loss of bandman and Bear’s brother, singer and songwriter Bo Rinehart, who announced last month his departure from Needtobreathe.

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But this latest album release will soothe some fan’s souls as, at a time when the future seems more uncertain than ever before, ​Needtobreathe​ have leaned heavily on their past, with ‘​Out of Body​’ playing with the themes of ​childhood innocence​, ​self-growth, reflection​ and the ​freedom of youth​.

​Now a trio — ​Bear Rinehart​ [vocals, guitar], ​Seth Bolt​ [bass, vocals], and ​Josh Lovelace ​[keys, vocals] —​ the band examine life​, ​family​, and ​friends​ through a youthful prism across the album’s 11 soulful rock tracks. They take stock of not only two decades as a band, but also ​first-time fatherhood and the future.

After spending a week at a beach house in Charleston to gather thoughts and ideas, the band headed to Nashville to record alongside producers Cason Cooley and Jeremy Lutito. As they cultivated a team atmosphere, built on trust and openness, the songs organically came to life.

“This recording process was about sharing an experience, and you really have to be vulnerable to do that,” Bear said.

“​It’s really hard to be innocent if you don’t feel safe, or trust the people around you.”

“​We’ve experienced a lot of fresh inspiration,” Seth added​.

“​It’s been a season of learning. Bear didn’t hold anything back in terms of writing about life: all of the beautiful things and the most tragic things that have happened in the past four years. I’m really proud of the statement the record makes.”

“​Teen love gets a bad rap sometimes, but those emotions are as strong as any you’ll ever have,” ​ Bear said.

“Don’t forget how hopelessly you went into those situations and how all-in you were. Look back for a minute and remember the things that made you who you are. ​

“We got in the studio and recorded ‘Hang On’ together. During this pandemic, the message of hanging on is on people need to hear. We needed to hear it ourselves.”