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Sam and Duncan’s Ultimate 80s Relistenable Songs Playlist

By Clare BruceMonday 12 Aug 2019Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

It’s no secret that Sam and Duncan are 80s tragics. 👨‍🎤

For months they went back to the future and reminisced about their favourite 80s movies, with Sam and Duncan’s Top 25 Ultimate 80s Rewatchable Movies List. Now, it’s time for the music. 🎸

The unstoppable duo have collated the ultimate old-school mix tape playlist, bringing together the most re-listenable (in their opinion) tracks from that glamorous, big-haired, poptastic, flourescent decade of decades. 📻

They couldn’t stop at 25 songs, or even 30. Friends, Sam and Duncan’s playlist brings you no less than 32 incredible songs-that-never-die!!! 😲

Pull on your leg-warmers, pop in some shoulder-pads, and plug in the crimping iron as you prepare to relive the songs that defined a generation. 💅

Listen below, or tune in Tuesday mornings, as they celebrate two tracks every week, for 16 unforgettable weeks, and swim in a glorious, synthesized, hairsprayed sea of the music that you – or your old folks – grew up with. 🕺

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