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Put Down Your Phone & ‘Speak’ – Bachelor Girl’s Heartfelt New Single

20 years after their hit song 'Buses and Trains', Bachelor Girl has released a new single, 'Speak' - about depression, and sharing each other’s burdens.

By Clare BruceMonday 9 Jul 2018Hope BreakfastGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Tania Doko of Bachelor Girl chats to Sam and Duncan about her new single 

It’s hard to believe 20 years have passed since the hit song Buses and Trains launched Aussie pop duo Bachelor Girl to world fame.

Now two decades on, they’ve released a new album – but gone are the hits about growing up, girlhood and broken hearts. In their place are lyrics about social issues, mental struggles and true connection.

“Nothing can really replace being heard, seen and understood” ~ Tania Doko

Hope Breakfast caught up with Tania Doko, one half of the duo, on the launch of the first new single, Speak. A powerful ballad, Speak deals with depression, and the need to talk and share each other’s burdens, face to face. The moving video, created by songwriter James Roche himself, portrays people carrying their troubles in the shape of cardboard boxes.

Tania said she and her bandmate wanted to write something that tackled the loneliness of a tech-obsessed generation.

“Nothing can really replace being heard, seen and understood,” Tania said. “You can’t really get that with technology, even though it has bridged a gap. For instance I now live in Stockholm and all my family is in Melbourne… I notice when we have Skype conversations and we’re looking at each other through a screen, you can get a bit self-conscious and you’re looking at yourself looking at them, and it’s just not quite the same as a catch-up, one-on-one.”

“Have A True Conversation”

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In an era where depression is rife, Tania says that both our lived experiences, and the empirical research, make it clear that online connection isn’t a replacement for the real thing.

“We’re really getting back to that saying, ‘maybe we need to put some boundaries around these phones,” she said. “I know I do. I’m as much a victim to it as anyone. Put down the phone, or at least have a true conversation. You can’t hear tone, sarcasm and upset when you’re just texting.”

It’s been 12 years since Bachelor Girl’s song. It was a gig together at the Sydney Opera House for Australia Day two years ago that brought the duo back together.

Tania said their new album is very authentic to who she and James are, in the mid-stages of their lives.

“It has to be about what we really feel or what really rocks us,” she said. “Lyric is really important for us. You have to come from that authentic place otherwise you will chase your tail and chase the trends. And if you just chase a trend, it’s going to be transparent.”