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The Renaissance of Kids’ Entertainer Peter Combe – a Chat, a Song, and a Christmas Tour

Peter Combe still sings for kids - but also for 20-somethings keen to relive their childhoods and belly flop into pizzas. He chats about his Christmas tour.

By Hope 103.2Thursday 22 Nov 2018MusicReading Time: 1 minute

He’s big on food and household objects, Peter Combe: Wash Your Face in Orange Juice, Newspaper Mama, Spaghetti Bolognese… the children’s entertainer’s catalogue of classic kids’ songs has been playing in homes and cars for decades. Generations of children have grown up on his music. But one particular release, Combe’s 1990 Christmas Album, holds a special place in the songwriter’s heart. After a suggestion from his son, Peter has decided to tour Australia to perform the album in full, with a complete band and choir.

Peter Combe joined Sam & Duncan on Hope Breakfast to talk about the tour, the joy of Christmas, and formed a (one-off) trio to perform Combe’s classic, Wash Your Face in Orange Juice. Catch their chat in the audio player above, as well as a fun interrogation, and a unique song performance, in the videos below.

Details and tickets for the Christmas show can be found at

The Interrogation of Peter Combe

Watch Peter, Sam & Duncan’s Singalong