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Micah Tyler: From Sausage Delivery Guy to Recording Artist and Youtube Sensation

Sausage delivery is where singer Micah Tyler's story starts. Incredibly, he's now a successful recording artist, with songs on the US and Australian charts.

By Duncan RobinsonWednesday 15 Feb 2017Hope BreakfastGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 3 minutes

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Sausage delivery is where singer Micah Tyler’s story starts, driving his truck across southeast Texas delivering meat goods.

Having quit his position as a youth pastor, selling half his possessions, he moved his family into a single-wide trailer and started travelling the USA, performing songs he’d written.

“We didn’t sit down with a whiteboard and map out the steps,” he said. “It started with us sensing a calling that we needed to be faithful to.”

So with his wife and two children, Micah made the decision to step out in faith and push into that call. Moving from steady salary into struggling artist might have been challenging, but it was the calling for Micah and his family.

“It was literally a feeling like, ‘If we don’t do this, our bones will hurt. We have to be faithful to God.’ ”

Life’s an adventure: Micah Tyler and his family felt called to his new career as a musician.

Working as a substitute teacher, mowing grass and driving sausages for income, the Tyler family moved into a mobile home. In that first year, Micah spent fifty days on the road. God was steadily building his faith and teaching him the tools he would need to be a full-time music artist.

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The Viral Video that Rocket-Launched Micah’s Music Career

Fast-forward a few years and Micah Tyler is now signed to a major recording label, and his song Never Been a Moment is currently sitting at number two on the Australian Christian charts.

His new album Different is out, and Micah is currently on a national tour with Mercy Me.

The day before Different was released, Micah released a little video online called Millennials that became a viral sensation. With cumulative views of over 100 million people, he became a YouTube sensation.

“The Lord has such a crazy way of reminding us that there is nothing our hands can do—it’s just Him being as wild and free as He wants to be,” Micah said of the video.

Being Different is Beautiful

Micah grew up loving music. Though he only has a 7th-grade musical education and didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 20, music has been a strong undercurrent for their family.

Different, the name of his new album, was born out of a feeling Micah had since school: that he was different to all the other kids. For him, the feeling of being unique, that’s described in Psalm 139 in the Bible, felt like a punishment.

“Because I think and feel differently from someone else, it made me feel like I didn’t fit in,” he said.

It led to depression as a sophomore trying to figure out his identity, whilst feeling different from his friends. It wasn’t until a youth pastor reached into his life and shared encouragement and hope, that his attitude started to change.

“God is so kind to remind us that what He calls unique, He also calls wonderful,” Micah said. “This record is straight out of my prayer closet. Every one of the lyrics is battle-tested from a heart that is still trying to accept that everything God says are the things I need to love and accept.”

Micah hopes his music ultimately helps to point people towards their identity in Christ.

Find out more at Micah’s website.