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Our Chat With Laura Story, the Woman Behind ‘Indescribable’

Letting go of control over our lives is uncomfortable—but we can find great peace when we do, says Laura Story, the singer-songwriter behind 'Indescribable'.

By Clare BruceWednesday 17 May 2017Hope BreakfastGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 3 minutes

Listen: Singer-Songwriter Laura Story chats to Hope 103.2’s Laura and Duncan.

Letting go of control over our lives is uncomfortable—but we can find great peace when we do, says singer-songwriter Laura Story.

The Grammy-and-Billboard-award-winning artist who wrote Chris Tomlin’s hit Indescribable, has just released her latest album, Open Hands. And its title track is all about surrendering and trusting in God.

Laura chatted to Hope 103.2’s breakfast duo on the many lessons she’s learnt about trust.

“I think it’s something that most people struggle with: trying to gain control over things in life that are out of our control,” she said. “We buy into that myth that ‘If only I can control the people around me or my finances or my future or my past, whatever it is, then I can have peace.’

“But scriptures teach us the opposite. It’s when we learn to really let go of our lives that we find them. And not just because it’s a therapeutic practice; it’s truly trusting that our lives are in better hands when they’re in His hands.”

Laura is a mother of two and said that becoming a mum has deepened her trust in God.

“Having these little ones, they really do make your faith grow,” she said. “You take home these little baby humans from the hospital and you’re watching them sleep just to make sure they’re still breathing. And that’s how God taught me this lesson—that I either trust him with my life and family, or I don’t.”

On Being Still with God

Laura Story Album Open Hands

Open Hands explores themes like motherhood, waiting on God, trusting Him, and finding direction. The song Whisper, co-written with Australian songwriter Mia Fieldes, is about being still long enough to hear God’s voice.

“We want God to write direction for our lives on a billboard while we’re speeding down the interstate, and God’s like ‘Yeah, I totally could do that, but I want you to be still’,” said Laura. “Sometimes he wants us to find Him in that small whisper.”

On Touring with Christian Artists

Laura has written and toured with Christian music’s greats, including Matt Redman, Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin and Steven Curtis Chapman; last summer she did a cruise tour with Michael W Smith, and this summer will do the same with Amy Grant.

She said they are not just great musicians and artists, but great people, too, characterised by humility, and love for their families.

“We were on tour, Mac Powell was singing to 10,000 people, and then walked off the stage and grabs the baby from his wife’s hands and started changing the poopy diaper,” she said. “This guy is the real deal.”

On Finding Hope in Jesus

As she celebrates the launch of her new album, Laura said that her greatest hope for her listeners is that they find hope in Jesus.

“No matter what your circumstances, no matter how hard your life may feel, no matter how much you may feel like things have gone awry and God doesn’t have a good plan for your life, sometimes it’s just that it looks so different than the plan you had,” she said.

“We don’t put our trust in God changing our circumstances, we put our trust in God. Because He gives us that joy and peace that surpasses any circumstance.”