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Marina Prior and Mark Vincent’s Instant Musical Connection

Sometimes when two artists meet, the connection is instant. It was the case for Marina Prior & Mark Vincent when they got together to sing...

By Clare BruceMonday 16 May 2016Hope MorningsMusicReading Time: 3 minutes

Listen: Marina Prior and Mark Vincent chat to Emma Mullings about their ‘”musical simpatico”.

Sometimes when two artists get together, the connection is instant.

That was the case for Marina Prior and Mark Vincent, two of Australia’s most loved classical-theatrical singers, who’ve just released an album of duets called Together.

The pair chatted with Hope 103.2’s Emma Mullings, saying the idea for the album first came from a fan at a Mother’s Day concert. Marina pushed for it to go ahead.

“I was catching a flight to Melbourne and I got a call at 10 o’clock at night from Marina saying ‘are we going to do this album?’,” Mark said. “And since then we’ve written [a list of] about 50 songs we’d like to do.”

The hard part was choosing which songs to leave off the album, which features classics like Time To Say Goodbye, The Prayer, La Vie En Rose, favourites from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera, and more.

Compatible From The Start

Marina Prior and Mark Vincent

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Marina said she and Mark’s musical compatibility was obvious when they first started working together.

“Sometimes you just meet a fellow artist that you actually are on the same wavelength as and you have a musical sympatico,” she said. “We really felt that. Our voices just blend well together and lend themselves to the same style of music, that pop-opera, crossover style.”

She said recording the duet album was a “total joy”, free of drama – adding that “things are usually easy when they’re right”.

“I used to say to my grandfather, ‘hopefully one day when I grow up I’ll get to work with Marina’.”

Incredibly Together is the seventh album for Mark Vincent, who is only 22 and first came to Australia’s attention when he won the third series of Australia’s Got Talent in 2009. He said it was a dream come true to work with Australia’s queen of musical theatre, and a dream that he often talked about to his late grandfather, the man who raised him and taught him to sing.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Marina Prior,” he said. “I used to say to my grandfather all the time, ‘hopefully one day when I grow up – (and I’m still growing up) – I’ll get to work with Marina’. And now I’ve got that chance. We’ve formed a great friendship and it shows in the songs which for me is overwhelming.

“I knew this would work because an album like this hasn’t been done for a long time. I’m sure the people who listen to it, can relate to these songs.”

Their Favourite Songs

Both Marina and Mark told Hope 103.2 that asking them to choose a favourite song from the album was a little like asking them to choose their favourite child, but they relented.

“I reckon my favourite is one called I Hate You Then I Love You,” said Marina. “It’s a 1960s pop song reorchestrated in this really symphonic, lush way, and it’s really dramatic and beautiful.” (See player below).

As for Mark, he’s in love with La Vie En Rose. “It’s one of my favourites because I’m a huge Edith Piaf fan,” he said. “In France she’s like the queen of music. It’s one of my favourite French songs of all time.” (See player below).

“I Don’t Think I’ve Heard A Voice As Wonderful” Says Marina

Marina, who has sung with the likes of Anthony Warlow and Jose Careras, had high praise for Mark’s talent.

“This young man is so blessed with an amazing gift, and I don’t think I’ve heard a voice as wonderful,” she said. “He’s so musically intelligent. The way he’s grown from being a young boy that won Australia’s Got Talent to the maturing artist that he’s becoming now, it’s quite exciting to listen to.

“And he’s got the ability to sing from full operatic style to a 60’s pop crooning style. He’s got that ability to morph his voice into different songs, which is really important.”