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Up Close With The Voice’s ‘Joyful’ Contestant

Hope 1032's afternoons announcer Erin La Macchia had an in-studio catch up with Sydney's Elizabeth Rimbo, who was in the spotlight this week when she competed on Channel Nine's The Voice.

By Clare BruceThursday 16 Jul 2015Hope AfternoonsMusicReading Time: 3 minutes

Hope 1032’s afternoon’s announcer Erin La Macchia had an in-studio catch up with Sydney’s Elizabeth Rimbo, who was in the spotlight on Channel Nine’s The Voice.

Elizabeth was the contestant who made her own little piece of showbiz history when, after her heartfelt rendition of Lauryn Hill’s Joyful Joyful, celebrity coaches Jessie J and Delta jumped onstage and joined her.

Joyful: The moment Elizabeth sang with Jessie J and Delta.

Kicking off their heels, the pop stars sang a reprise performance alongside Elizabeth, forming an all-girl trio, and encouraging the 22-year-old to put a little more heart into her already soulful performance.

Ricky Martin leapt out of his seat to join the girls, creating not only a great crowd-pleasing moment but a highlight of the young singer’s musical career.

Ricky Martin and The Voice contestant Elizabeth Rimbo

Ricky Martin jumped on stage to dance alongside Elizabeth.

Elizabeth told Hope 103.2’s Erin La Macchia that the experience erased any disappointment over not making it through to the next round of the competition.

“I think it actually was a joyful ending,” she said. “It didn’t matter in the end that they didn’t turn [their chairs].”

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Elizabeth’s Dream To Bring Hope With Her Music

Elizabeth is a committed Christian and leads worship in a multicultural church in Sydney. She said she auditioned for The Voice because she wanted to bring her hope-filled music to a wider audience.

“I grew up in the church singing gospel songs and leading worship, so I’d like to bring the message of hope and light,” she said. “I’d  like to show people what joyful, inspiring music can bring to people.”

She said being surrounded by cameras and pressure made her very nervous during her audition, which affected her performance a little. Coach Jessie J addressed this after the audition when she gave Elizabeth some performance advice.

But getting a rare chance to sing her song again, this time with the coaches alongside her, helped Elizabeth to shake off the tension.

How It Feels To Jam With Delta And Jessie J

Delta Goodrem sings alongside Elizabeth Rimbo

In harmony: Delta Goodrem sings alongside Elizabeth Rimbo

“It definitely was unexpected,” she said. “Who would have thought that would happen?”

She said she believed the spontaneous performance was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

“I feel it was a God-given moment, a really joyful moment,” she said. “It gave me a chance to really sing it.”

Delta Goodrem, Elizabeth Rimbo and Jessie J

Jam session: Delta Goodrem, Elizabeth Rimbo and Jessie J

“Jessie J asked the band to do this loop so we could jam,” she said. “There were some awkward moments when we were looking at each other thinking “where are we going next” because we didn’t practice it at all. We’ve never sung together and we just had to sing.

“But I guess in that moment, there’s no pressure, you’re just having a joy moment, so you just forget about the nerves and sing as best as you can. You sing it from the heart and mean what you say. In the end you’re really singing it to God.”

“I really wanted people to feel the joy, and like the song says, “let all of us get filled by the light of day”. Basically that’s what the moment was.

“I feel God has entrusted me with a gift and I want to use it how God has planned it to be used. This has been a blessing for me and a lot of people, to be able to sing a gospel song on national TV. It was a pretty joyful experience.”

Elizabeth’s Win On A Very Famous Cooking Show…

As it turns out, Elizabeth has already been in the Hope 103.2 spotlight; she and her husband entered and won the station’s Masterchef-style ‘Marriage Chef’ cook-off competition in 2012.

Watch below as Elizabeth and Mario, who were newly-weds at the time, win the cooking challenge.

Elizabeth and husband Mario compete in Hope 103.2's 2012 Marriage Chef competition

Multi-talented: Elizabeth and husband Mario compete in Hope 103.2’s Marriage Chef 2012.

Intense pressure: Elizabeth and Mario are no strangers to reality competition.

Elizabeth Rimbo and her husband Mario win Hope 103.2's 2012 Marriage Chef competition

Another claim to fame: Elizabeth Rimbo and her husband Mario, winners of Marriage Chef 2012.