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Jasmin Jones’s New EP Is Gold

After a decade fronting a band in festivals across Europe, singer-songwriter Jasmin Jones is going it alone in Australia, with her new EP 'Gold'.

By Clare BruceMonday 22 Jun 2015Hope NightsGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 2 minutes

For singer-songwriter Jasmin Jones, making music has been a journey inspired by what she believes are messages from God. 

Born in Australia, the indie-acoustic musician spent much of her life living in many nations including New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, England and Portugal. While in Portugal she had a vision a band called Triplet, which played and recorded for 10 years. They toured Europe, headlining festivals and growing in their art.

But in 2011 Triplet came to an end and in 2012, a desire to explore the land of her birth brought Jasmin back to Australia. At first, Jasmine felt lost, being so far away from her family and friends in Europe.

“It was pretty crazy when I first got here” she said. “I was actually at the point where I was going to give up music. I was pretty much burnt out and I spent the first year just trying to decide ‘Wow, I’m in a completely new country and I can do absolutely anything I want. What do I want to do?’ That first year here I was just, kind of, exploring things.”

A Musical Breakthrough at Bondi

Jasmin Jones 2

Jasmin believes it was God’s will that inspired her to revive her musical ambitions.

“I had this pretty powerful dream that called me and it was pretty obvious that music was my route and my past,” Jasmin explained.

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She describes God’s message as a “huge spiritual encounter”. After Jasmine had realised God’s ambitions for her she felt ready to pursue His vision.

“I entered this Bondi singer-songwriters competition in Sydney and went along to that,” she said. “I remember the first night going into the first round thinking – Okay, this is it, I’m just stepping out. I just basically won that round, and won the next five rounds and ended up winning the whole contest. From there the ball just started rolling and it’s literally just been rolling ever since. I’ve just been stepping out and the floor appears.”

Recording Gold

After an album, gigging across Sydney and Melbourne and winning the Songs On Stage Sydney Singer Song Contest, Jasmin recorded her EP Gold in 2014 with producer Nathan Eshman. Jasmin says it’s named as a reminder of the golden opportunities she’s had, and as a reminder of the value and worth of every individual.

“I think people forget they are gold and people forget that they are precious,” she said.

Gold is available on itunes and one of the singles is available as a free giveaway.