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Gospel Girl Gets ‘Voice’ Coaches Dancing

Sydney gospel singer Elizabeth Rimbo gets The Voice celebrity coaches Jessie J, Delta and Ricky Martin singing and dancing with her on stage...

By Clare BruceTuesday 14 Jul 2015MusicReading Time: 2 minutes

Sydney gospel singer Elizabeth Rimbo had The Voice celebrity coaches singing and dancing along with her on stage, after her audition for the Channel Nine talent show on Sunday night.

After her heartfelt rendition of Lauryn Hill’s Joyful Joyful from the movie Sister Act 2, Jessie J and Delta jumped onstage, asking the band for an impromptu replay.

Kicking off their heels, they sang alongside Elizabeth forming all-girl trio, and encouraging the 22-year-old to put a little more heart into her already soulful performance.

Ricky Martin leapt out of his seat to join them, creating not only a great crowd-pleasing moment but possibly the best moment of the young singer’s musical career.

Ricky Martin on stage with Elizabeth Rimbo

Gospel groove: Ricky Martin joined Elizabeth Rimbo on stage during her ‘Joyful Joyful’ reprise.

Elizabeth Rimbo hinted at a Christian faith when she told the judges she came from a church background.

“I grew up singing in church, in gospel songs,” she said.

Coach Jessie J, who has spoken publicly of her own walk with God, urged Elizabeth to dig deeper into her faith when performing.

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“If you’ve grown up in church, that has to be some inspiration when you sing a song like that,” she said.

“The song doesn’t just go up [musically], it goes up because the feeling of God and light and gospel takes the vocals there.

“So my advice to you is really work on feeling a song – especially if you’ve grown up in church.”

Delta added, “Bring the church to the stage.”

Jessie J went on to say she wished she’d been able to see Elizabeth’s performance and asked her to repeat it, this time with her and Delta alongside.

See the full version on The Voice website.

Despite Elizabeth’s performance creating one of the night’s memorable moments, it didn’t turn the judges chairs so she won’t continue through to the next level of The Voice competition.

When Hope 103.2 tracked Elizabeth down to line up an interview, we discovered she’s been in touch with us before; she and her husband Mario were the winners of “Marriage Chef 2012”, the Hope 103.2 Masterchef-style cook-off competition.


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