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A Little Story About Paulini, Dan And A Ukelele

Which is better: Paulini's new single, Air It All Out, or her spontaneous jam with Dan Widdowson on the ukelele? You be the judge...

By Clare BruceMonday 1 Jun 2015Hope BreakfastMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

It’s been nearly a decade since pop artist Paulini’s last album release.

In that time, the Fijian-Australian singer has been working on collaborative recording projects with singers like Ronan Keating and Jessica Mauboy, presenting on TV shows like It Takes Two and – most importantly – honing her singing-songwriting craft. So her new album, Come Alive, isn’t the work of the fresh-faced Australian Idol contestant we once knew back in 2003, but of a woman oozing with confidence and musical finesse.

The album, released by the Albert Music label, is a compilation of tunes Paulini wrote on songwriting bootcamps around the world, in cities like Los Angeles and Paris, and in studios across Europe and even China.

Paulini told Hope Media’s breakfast announcers Dan and Dwayne that she was thrilled to travel the world to record, but was tentative at first.

“I was a little scared because I didn’t really have the experience to songwriter at that time,” she said. “But as soon as I started to get into to the studios and writing with different artists and producers it flowed.”

New Songs Written On Songwriting Bootcamps

Paulini Come Alive

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“On a songwriting bootcamp you’re in a massive studio where there’s different rooms and a schedule of what writer, producer or artist you will work with. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. I remember doing a session once and I just didn’t gel with the producer, and after three hours we decided it wasn’t working.”

But despite the hiccup, Paulini said she didn’t feel pressure to perform, but just relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

“I don’t like writing to suit a particular artist, I just like to write whatever comes up, going with the flow.”

The first single from the album is Air It All Out, a song Paulini penned four years ago, about leaving the past behind and walking into a “new tomorrow”.