Listen out for: The Script 'Superheroes'

Listen out for: The Script ‘Superheroes’

The Script 

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 12 Aug 2014MusicReading Time: 1 minute

Grab your flat cap and cape, The Script are back from Dublin with their new single ‘Superheroes’.

Listen out for: The Script 'Superheroes'.

Gathering over 2 million Youtube since its release, ‘Superheroes’ is the first track to come from their 4th studio album ‘No Sound Without Silence’, largely recorded on the road says lead singer Danny O’Donoghue:

“We’d come off stage and start recording straight away in a studio bus. Everything’s massive, everything’s larger than life on stage so when we hit the studio we wanted it to have that same impact.”

Coupling the rawness of the road with a personal plea for the significance of the ‘everyman’, 
‘Superheroes’ cements The Script’s identity as an authentic voice of insight and inspiration, continuing the story of band who’s musical consciousness goes well past the power of sound to sell into lyrical roots of change.

As our first hint of the full September 15th release, here’s hoping they bring more of the fresh connection to fans, and purposeful grounding of this new track. 

Listen out for ‘Superheroes’ playing now on Hope 103.2. 

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