Aussie Boys Done Good... Meet Revive

Aussie Boys Done Good… Meet Revive

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 5 May 2009Hope Nights

US music magazine Billboard have named Australia’s Revive as the Christian band to watch out for in 2009. It’s been a big 18 months for the Sydney band who is now based in the United States after being mentored by US Christian music icons Third Day.

The boys spoke with Nights announcer Erin Marsh when they returned to Australia for the New Year.

Listen Now – Revive Chat about their US experience and their new album, Chorus of the Saints


After officially securing a US record deal, Australia’s latest musical export Revive have landed at their new home of Atlanta with nothing in their hands but old suitcases and a few guitars.

Signing with Essential Records in partnership with Grammy-winning group Third Day’s Consuming Fire Productions, the high-energy pop/rock band is set to release its 12 song label debut, ‘Chorus of the Saints’ in early March of next year.

Not only supporting Revive in a mentoring capacity, Third Day’s lead singer, Mac Powell, also co-produced the album. “I can’t wait for the USA to hear this new album. It has the ability to make you want to groove, or move you to tears in your own living room,” exclaims Powell.

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Revive formed in the summer of 2004, after playing at local churches and schools for the better part of 2003. The band of four from Sydney then relocated to the U.S. in 2007 to pursue a career in Christian music.

Today, having toured extensively in Australia with 3 acclaimed albums already to their name, playing more than 45 dates with the headliner in 2008, Revive will play 35 cities in spring 2009 as part of Third Day’s Revelation Tour.

Through its music, Revive is about ministry and reminding people of the message in Psalm 85. “It says, ‘He will revive their hearts.’ We love that,” says lead singer Dave Hanbury.

“We want people to be refreshed, like what our name means, to be revived.  It would be great if someone would listen to this CD, and feel like they could walk closer with the Lord.”

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