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‘The Word Becomes Film’ by Russ Matthews Book Review

'The Word Becomes Film' is a modern-day parable, introducing the reader to an incredibly easy way of speaking to others about God.

By Lorrene McClymontMonday 20 Mar 2023MoviesReading Time: 2 minutes

The Word Becomes Film, written by Russ Matthews, is a modern-day parable, perfectly crafted to introduce the reader to an incredibly easy way of speaking to others about God.

I have heard Russ Matthews’s movie reviews, they are thorough and intricately planned, and was looking forward to reading this book. I was also not quite sure what to expect. How do you link telling people about Jesus with the movies?

Expertly crafted and easy to read, this how-to parable walks the reader through the journey of Dylan Quade and Finn Rowan as they unpack the world of film and the bigger life questions that the cinematic world asks.

A completely unique take on explaining Christianity to someone who doesn’t know anything about why Christians believe in God. The book comes with downloadable resources for the reader to access.

There is a line in the book “I grabbed the basked of bread and headed into the unexpected” that is what this book is. It is a journey into the unexpected. A unique and inventive way to look at discussing faith with a pop culture generation. It’s an invitation to open your mind to the new and unusual and think outside the square. Well worth a read, I couldn’t put it down.

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