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The Controversial ‘Operation Fortune’ Puts the Fun Back in Films

The latest action comedy from Guy Ritchie will give his fans exactly what they want.

By Russell MatthewsMonday 13 Feb 2023MoviesReading Time: 4 minutes

The latest action comedy from director Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes) has been held back from release for more than a year, due to one significant screenplay issue.

Operation Fortune looked to be what people needed to counter most of the dreary storylines in cinemas during the past 12 months. But with the movie’s “bad guys” being from a Ukrainian background, this caused problems.

With the war going on in Europe between Ukraine and Russia, the production company thought it might be prudent to hold the release back for some time.

The delay has led to 2023 kicking off with an action-packed jaunt at the box office.

In Operation Fortune, the world intelligence agencies are in turmoil when a weapon is stolen and suddenly put on the market by billionaire arms broker Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant).

Conventional means of apprehending the device lead the British Government to seek the contractual services of an outside contractor, Nathan Jasmine (Cary Elwes).

Due to the situation’s urgency, he knows that only a few operatives can get the job done, and his leading man is Orson Fortune (Jason Statham).

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Even though engaging with this highly trained agent would come at a price, the government knows the world’s safety is worth the cost.

One thing Fortune is known for is utilising unconventional methods. As he establishes his team, Fortune decides to recruit Hollywood’s biggest movie star, Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett), to gain access to the munitions dealer.

After 2022 was a year of agenda-laden screenplays which failed to capture audiences’ attention, only sequels like Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water came out on top.

With Operation Fortune, Ritchie gives us all something to enjoy and motivates us to go to the movies again. His latest production has the appeal to reach a broad audience.

It contains a storyline that is a throwback to the over-the-top action adventures which came with a punch and a laugh at every turn.

If viewers are able to accept some of the villains being from Ukraine, they will be rewarded with the ideal “Saturday matinee entertainment”.

Operation Fortune can allow you to forget about the world for a while, as fans of Ritchie’s work what they want.

The script has Ritchie’s fingerprints all over it and his favourite team of thespians expertly craft his words.

Jason Statham slots right into his smart-mouthed, ingenious action lead role and is complemented beautifully by Aubrey Plaza’s communications agent.

They are handled with the necessary charm of Cary Elwes’ morally fluid recruiter.

Still, the stand-out within the cast is Hugh Grant.

He taps into the smarmy world of the criminal underworld with the needed finesse to make him the ideal foil to keep the story rolling along.

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre may not be a classic like Snatch or The Gentlemen, but his work is a breath of fresh air in this post-COVID-influenced cinematic era.

For those looking for fun at the movies again, this is the film you have been waiting to see.

REEL DIALOGUE: How do you handle the flexible morality of our society?Operation Fortune movie stills

In the world of spies, can morality exist?

With only the cinematic world to consider, the question has to be answered with a strong “Maybe”. Compromise must play a factor in this world of deception and manipulation but, still, there has to be a moral centre at the core of this work to drive people to continue doing it.

The challenge is to know where to find this integral drive for justice or loyalty.

Can it be merely found in the patriotic, familial, or monetary?

Most of us will never directly experience the effects of this level of morality. However, we still have to determine right and wrong for ourselves.

We can look to mankind for examples but, eventually, people fail the actual test for a moral code. Only one person in history set the standard for morality and proved that no one else could completely hold to this standard.

This may sound hopeless, but Jesus did not leave humanity without a solution to this morality juxtaposition.

Intrigued? Read the letter written by Paul called Romans, in the New Testament.

Romans clarifies morality and is a short read that allows for consideration of where it bases your character.  

Article supplied with thanks to City Bible Forum.

About the author: Russ Matthews is a film critic at City Bible Forum and Reel Dialogue. He has a passion for film and sparking spiritual conversations.

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