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Join the Hope@Home Film Festival, Right in Your Lounge Room

By Laura BennettWednesday 1 Apr 2020Hope Afternoons

As video streaming ramps up during the Coronavirus pandemic, our entertainment choices will impact how we’re feeling.

We can either feed our anxieties and our desire to escape — or instead we can choose to watch things that’ll uplift our spirit and remind us of the hope ahead.

The Hope@Home Film Festival could be just what you need to get you through the next couple of months. Originally scheduled as an in-person event, the film festival is now going online, bringing 10 weeks of inspiring content, expert panels and live Q&As right to your living room.

Curated by the team at the Christian film distributor Heritage Films, the festival will feature a new title released weekly including a bonus Easter bundle, with a variety of top-rated movie options to cater to everyone in the family.

Rod Hopping, the CEO at Heritage, said a lot of thought goes into the content his team releases.

“The streaming platforms build their business case on the binge content — and it’s easy [to watch]…but the stuff you binge on is often content that doesn’t really leave you feeling great, but you can’t stop watching it,” he said. “I personally like to escape into organised crime shows and things like that”.

“But in these times [of binging] is a bit like just consuming fast food all the time.”

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As Hope@Home offers movies like The Passion of the Christ to The Heart of Man and Hacksaw Ridge, Rod says he’s hoping the festival will offer powerful moments of community in this season of social-distancing.

“In the light of the light of the days [we’re in] and all the change, to be able to sit down together or as individuals and consume this life-giving, uplifting, hope-filled content — [it meets peoples’] need to be known and feel connected.”

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To find out more about Hope@Home and WIN a Festival Pass, head to our Competitions page.

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