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First Olympus, Then London, Now ‘Angel Has Fallen’, Too [Movie Review]

In 'Angel Has Fallen' Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is framed for an assassination attempt on the US president. So who framed him, and why?

By Laura BennettThursday 29 Aug 2019Hope AfternoonsMoviesReading Time: 2 minutes

If anything is falling, Gerard Butler will catch it. Be it Olympus, London or the Angel himself.

Whether you know Gerard from P.S. I Love You, or have followed the more ‘robust’ line of his career with Law Abiding Citizen and 300, he always brings a winning combination of grit and sensitivity. Although let’s be honest, Angel Has Fallen is far more interested in his grit.

Third in a trilogy following on from London Has Fallen, in Angel Has Fallen Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is due for a promotion, but hits a snag in his career when he’s framed for an assassination attempt on the US President (Morgan Freeman). Face-activated drones have taken out all of the president’s security detail, leaving only Banning alive to take the fall.

The audience already know ‘our man’ couldn’t have done it, so the big questions is, who framed Banning and why?

Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman in Angel Has Fallen

Above: Morgan Freeman stars as the US President alongside Butler’s Agent Banning

Lots of Explosions and Guns…

A movie like Angel Has Fallen knows why it’s here: to make things explode in grand fashion, and have little regard for the death toll of baddies taken out using only wit and an index finger. Oh, and with lots and lots of guns.

It certainly succeeds at that, and makes Jason Bourne look like a loser compared to its catalogue of military-trained American-bred heroes.

Angel Has Fallen is covered in violence – but it’s Mike’s stoicism and loyalty to the flag and family that gives these movies heart. He always puts others before himself, and refuses to do nothing when he’s got the capacity to act. It’s exactly why he’s the president’s main-man, but highlights his irrefutable integrity, making him a character to admire.

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Gerard Butler in Angel Has Fallen

…But Lots of Heart, Too

In this instalment, Mike also speaks more about the effect of war and his career on his physical and mental health. He’s battle-ready lifestyle is starting to take a toll, and while he’ll fight to the end, he knows there’s a personal price to pay.

The topic adds a new layer of depth to this otherwise-intense franchise, showing its (mostly male) audience that it’s okay to talk about what ails you, and do something to fix it. Mike’s openness also gives you a good giggle at the end of the movie too—so don’t jump out of your seat too quickly.

Angel Has Fallen isn’t a movie for young kids, but is exactly what fans expect.

Rated MA15+ Angel Has Fallen is in cinemas now.