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Movie Review – Rampage – Giant Gorillas and Science Experiments Gone Bad

By Laura BennettMonday 16 Apr 2018Hope Afternoons

There’s something to be said for movies you can arrive at knowing it’s unlikely you’ll be mentally challenged, and where you’ll be laughing off the sheer ridiculousness of what the scriptwriters think is plausible.

Rampage is one such film, and don’t you be judging it.

Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) is a former special ops type who’s head of primatology at San Diego zoo. After the gene-editing experiment of wide-eyed researcher (Naomie Harris) is exploited by corrupt siblings, Okoye’s best friend (a rare albino gorilla named George) is turned into a city-munching ‘monster’, reaching heights previously known only to King Kong.

Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris in Rampage

In what feels like a bold, brash, protein-filled 107 minutes, the biggest thing you’ll ponder is whether Davis and George go to the same gym, and why a guy like Johnson whose characters are all a bit ‘samey’ is just so loveable.

There’s certainly room to recognise humans aren’t God, and meddling with making ‘DNA soup’ probably isn’t advisable—but that’s getting unnecessarily deep.

All in all, Rampage is a safe-bet for teens and adults (being mindful of course we’re dealing with oversized animals trampling city streets), and perfect for the end of a hard day where all you want to do is eat popcorn and think about little else.

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Rampage is in cinemas now.

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