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The Last Knight – 60 Second Movie Review

By Ben McEachenTuesday 27 Jun 2017The Big Picture

In the new Transformers: The Last Knight humanity continues to hunt down Transformers, despite the Autobots saving the planet again in the last film.

However, Optimus Prime has been corrupted by his evil maker and returns to earth to search for a lost relic associated with King Arthur and earth’s secret Transformer history. If he gains control of it, then the planet won’t simply be conquered, it will be destroyed. Can Cade Yaeger (Mark Wahlberg) and his new ally Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) return the Autobot leader to his right mind before disaster strikes?

TBP – 60-second verdict Transformers 5 from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

RATED: Transformers: The Last Knight is rated M for action violence and coarse language

AUDIENCE: 15 years and up

WHAT’S GOOD: There are more explosions in this Transformers: The Last Knight than you can poke a stick at, and no pesky plot to get in the way.

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WHAT’S NOT: The storyline just barely hangs together and poses more questions than it answers. The Transformers are now swearing for the first time, and the ‘action violence’ done to robots is about as graphic as anything you would expect from an MA15+ film centred on human beings.

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: The Autobots have finally lost any status as role models to younger children. Optimus Prime seems to be incapable of controlling his temper and is regularly threatening to kill everyone. Bumblebee has the emotional range of a poorly raised teenager. Even newcomer Anthony Hopkins is modelling a ‘shout now, listen later’ personality that the Bible would describe as shameful in an older man. Honestly, I wish Hasbro would stop marketing their Transformer toys to young children because there is no way this film is suitable for primary aged children.

RELEASE DATE: June 22, 2017

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