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Logan – 60 Second Movie Review [video]

By Mark HadleyMonday 13 Mar 2017The Big Picture

Logan is set approximately 50 years after the events depicted in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The Wolverine is earning a meagre living as a limousine driver in between bouts of heavy drinking and taking care of an ailing Charles Xavier. ‘Professor X’ is now in his 90s and is suffering from a debilitating mental condition. Logan is also slowly poisoned by the metal that makes up his claws. But their slide into the grave is arrested when a desperate woman asks them to go on a mercy mission to save one of the world’s last mutant girls.

Video: Watch The Review of Logan

60 Second Verdict: Logan from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

RATED: MA 15+ for strong, bloody violence

AUDIENCE: Logan is one for X-Men fans, but not those who revel in just the wham-bam of comic book films. This is a thinking person’s story.

WHAT’S GOOD: Logan is an extremely human story about the struggle to preserve purpose and identity as the limitations of age close in, with brilliant performances by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

WHAT’S NOT: Did you see the rating? This is much, much more realistic violence. Under 15 need not apply.

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SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Logan is aware of how arrogant he has been, thinking mutants were God’s gift. The story gets at our failure to consider our mortality. We live in an age where old age is relegated to nursing homes, and funerals have morphed into mere celebrations of life. In so doing we have lost two of the most natural opportunities to contemplate the weakness we all face and our mutual need for a saviour.

RELEASE DATE: 6 March 2017

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