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Cars 3:
60 Second Movie Review

By Mark HadleyThursday 6 Jul 2017The Big Picture

It’s years on from the events of Cars 2, and the plucky little racer is getting old. A new breed of faster competitors is taking to the track – ker-chow! – led by McQueen’s new nemesis Jackson Storm. Can Lightning find a way to put him in second place?

60 Second Verdict: Cars 3 from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

RATED: Cars 3 is rated G for Very mild themes and coarse language

AUDIENCE: Clearly aimed at a primary school audience and enduring fans of the Pixar brand

WHAT’S GOOD: If you’re looking for much of what made the first movie great, you’ll find it in spades. Cars 3 is a re-run of the first film, though this time Chick Hicks has been replaced by Jackson Storm, and Lightning’s new coach is a female motivator called Cruz Ramirez. There’s even a Doc Hudson lookalike called Smokey.

WHAT’S NOT: See above. Very much more of the same, but without the heart of the first Cars film.

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SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Cars 3 doesn’t deliver on the spiritual front. It has no answer to failure except to ignore it. And when it does come time to go, Lightning continually insists it will be ‘on my terms’. But can a human being say they’ll do anything ‘on their terms’?

RELEASE DATE: June 22, 2017

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