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Baby Driver:
60 Second Movie Review

By Mark HadleyFriday 21 Jul 2017The Big Picture

In Baby Driver Ansel Elgort plays ‘Baby’ – a baby-faced driver for armed robbery crews bent on doing bank heists and such. And because of a ringing in his ears, he likes to time his wild escape runs out to his favourite iPod beats. Baby’s working off a debt to the cruel and calculating Doc, played by Kevin Spacey. But what’s Baby going to do when Doc decides his ledger’s never going to be closed – and he holds Baby’s girlfriend as collateral?

60 Second Verdict: Baby Driver from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

RATED: Baby Driver is rated MA15+ for strong violence

AUDIENCE: Fans of car films, music films and indie films should unite and celebrate Baby Driver’s release

WHAT’S GOOD: Baby Driver is an awesome funk-fest of tunes that don’t just play as backing tracks, but are specifically written into the script – awesome! It’s also a fairly original story, which is saying something for Hollywood.

WHAT’S NOT: Apart from the violence and language inherent in the rating

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SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Spiritually speaking it’s awesome too! There’s no nifty wrap up with the hero driving into the sunset the money, the girl and the freedom of the open highway. No, Baby Driver drives at an ending that reminds us we’re all responsible for our choices.


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