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60 Second Verdict:
The Man Who Invented Christmas

By Mark HadleyMonday 4 Dec 2017The Big Picture

The famous Christmas story of Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas, told from the author’s perspective. Charles Dickens is struggling financially and needs a best-seller – fast! But as he settles down to write, the audience discovers that many of Scrooge’s personal problems actually find their origins in Charles. 

60 Second Verdict: The Man Who Invented Christmas from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

RATEDThe Man Who Invented Christmas is rated PG for Mild Themes

AUDIENCE: A fairly fun and warm-hearted film aimed at adults looking for a quirky Christmas tale

WHAT’S GOOD: It’s a fresh way of looking at a Christmas story that’s been made for the big and small screen at least 14 times

WHAT’S NOT: The Man Who Invented Christmas is a huge overstatement as a title. The best that can be said for Dickens is that he reminded his peers that charity is at the heart of Christmas.

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SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: The Man Who Invented Christmas actually has nothing to say about the man who really invented Christmas. It’s almost incredible that you can have a Christmas story about our mutual need for mercy, forgiveness and love without once mentioning Jesus and the events of the first Christmas … except that this world has been doing its best to ignore God’s role in Christmas for many years now.

RELEASE DATE: The Man Who Invented Christmas is in cinemas now

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