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60 Second Movie Review: American Made

Looking for a movie? Mark Hadley reviews this film by Tom Cruise, where Barry Seal, airline pilot, is recruited by the CIA & somehow enters a turbulent path

By Mark HadleyThursday 24 Aug 2017The Big PictureMoviesReading Time: 1 minute

American Made stars Tom Cruise as Barry Seal, a real life airline pilot who was apparently recruited by the CIA to take photos of communist countries – a job that led to him becoming first a people smuggler, then a drug runner for a Colombian cartel. Soon he’s literally earning more money than he knows what to do with, but this gravy train is destined to come to a shuddering end.

RATED: American Made is rated MA15+ for Strong Coarse Language

AUDIENCE: Aimed at people who like a bit of ‘strange but true’ in their stories, as well as the usual action Tom Cruise brings

WHAT’S GOOD: It’s classic Cruise all the way, complete with boyish grins and action scenes

WHAT’S NOT: The story of American Made proceeds to a relatively predictable conclusion, like many ‘too good to last’ storylines, so you find yourself mainly being amused by the details

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Only a fool plays with fire and doesn’t expect to get burnt – and Barry does come to regret his choice sincerely. But he doesn’t repent. That would involve admitting he was wrong, turning around and heading in a new direction. Something impossible without God.


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