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Money Monster: 60 Second Movie Review

Loaded with unforgettable moments and a proud conscience, 'Money Monster' is a critique of the apparent corruption in the finance sector.

By Ben McEachenMonday 6 Jun 2016The Big PictureMoviesReading Time: 2 minutes

Money Monster the new Jodie Foster directed film tells the story of Lee Gates (George Clooney) a TV personality who hosts a nightly finance program called “Money Monster”. Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) directs the program.

One night when he is on-air, angry tradesman Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Connell) sneaks into the studio and takes Lee hostage. Armed and demanding answers, Kyle threatens to kill Lee if he isn’t told why a company that he invested in lost so much money, so quickly.

AUDIENCE: Fans of George Clooney, Julia Roberts or actress Jodie Foster (who directs Money Monster). Fans of thoughtful thrillers which have something to say about society.

RATED: M for coarse language, mature themes and sex.

WHAT’S GOOD: Loaded with several unforgettable moments and a proud conscience, the latest feature by director Jodie Foster is a commendable if showy attack upon the apparent lack of ethical accountability in the finance sector. Mainstream movies often don’t have anything important to say about the world we live in but, for all its flaws, Money Monster projects a conscientious message about the perils of greed. The main cast is well chosen and meshes nicely, yet its emerging star O’Connell is steals the show from Clooney and Roberts. He’s credible and sympathetic as the volatile working-class man.

WHAT’S NOT: Money Monster begins strongly and sets up quickly its siege situation. But so that it can broadcast messages against big-business greed, it can become preachy and patronising. Also, the longer the siege goes for, the more Money Monster has to include convenient plot points or contrived situations, so the story can progress. This causes tension to slacken and credibility to wane, although never in a fatal way.

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Don’t you find it fascinating when a movie, TV show, book or some other art work realises what God revealed yonks ago? Money Monster affirms the eternal accuracy of what 1 Timothy 6:9 explains: “But those who want to be rich fall into temptation … and many foolish and harmful desires, which plunge people into ruin and destruction.” As it moves to a confession conclusion, Money Monster overcomes its shortfalls by having an undeniable heart for injustice. As we all should do with 1 Timothy 6:9, may we heed Money Monster’s glossy warning about the ruin and destruction caused by greed.

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