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Youth Meets Wisdom In ‘The Intern’

Mark Hadley and Ben McEachen review Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway’s 'The Intern'.

By Clare BruceTuesday 6 Oct 2015MoviesReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Mark Hadley reviews ‘The Intern’ and much more, in The Big Picture episode 32.

If you’re in the mood for a warm-hearted flick, The Intern starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway is a good choice, according to movie reviewer Mark Hadley.

It’s an office-based comedy in which 70-something Ben Whittaker (De Niro) discovers that retirement’s not so fun, and decides to try his hand at an internship.

With a similar storyline to 2013’s The Internship, the film follows Whittaker’s employment with a trendy internet fashion company, where all his workmates are young hipsters wearing jeans and riding bikes through an open plan office and getting free massages at their desk.

His boss, company founder and executive Jules Ostin (Hathaway), is at least half his age.

As it turns out, the savvy young Jules is also a young mum and wife who’s having problems at home, and Ben becomes an unlikely good friend to her, a listening ear, and a shoulder to lean on.

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Not Perfect, But Plenty Of Wisdom

On the positive side, Mark in his review (listen to the podcast above) says the movie is a good affirmation of “the glory of grey hair”, honouring the wisdom and value that older generations have to offer.

It also touches on the issue of the ageing population, something that Western governments the world over are grappling with, by trying to encouraging older people back into the workforce.

While the grey-haired Whittaker helps the young Ostin with a lot of wisdom and sage advice, Mark warns that the character’s attitude towards marriage (which he seems to value less than career) is not so great.

Rated M, The Intern is great for most of the family, with plenty of laughs, but not perfect when it comes to marriage guidance. It’s in cinemas now.

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