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The Not-Quite-Perfect Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 addresses some heart-warming issues, but the edgy humour won't hit the right notes for all audiences...

By Laura BennettFriday 5 Jun 2015MoviesReading Time: 2 minutes

The return of singing sensations the “Barden Bellas” has sparked excitement in young movie audiences across the globe.

Pitch Perfect 2

In their new film, Pitch Perfect 2, the all-girl a capella group perform at their first international competition.

After a chaotic performance in front of the President, the group are forced to rescue their reputation and rediscover their musical mojo.

As the plot thickens, Pitch Perfect’s original protagonist, Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, endures a crisis that ultimately affects the rest of the group.

Upon Beca’s approach to the crossroad of leaving college she is fronted with a dilemma of loyalty, and is unsure whether to pursue her own musical aspirations or remain faithful to the group.

This clash of loyalties jeopardises the best interests of the Barden Bellas and their chances in the international competetion.

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The Heart-Warmingly Inclusive Barden Bellas

The Barden Bellas

Part of this film’s appeal is that it gives the teenage audience an important message about the knock-on effects of decision-making.

The movie also promotes inclusiveness, with the Barden Bellas consisting of particularly quirky characters of all shapes and sizes.

Such diversity is a welcome change from the unrealistic aesthetic values often promoted in Hollywood’s teen flicks.


The Humour’s Not Music To Everyone’s Ears

This musical-comedy mirrors the high-production values, entertaining music and detailed choreography of its predecessor, Pitch Perfect. 

And the film’s catchy pop songs have already led to the soundtrack gaining top-spot on the charts.

However Pitch Perfect 2 won’t hit the right notes with all audiences.

Although fantastically musical, the film incorporates a lot of inappropriate and potentially offensive humour that, in parts, goes too far.

The script spins a much greater emphasis on insensitive content that makes it unsuitable for younger fans of Pitch Perfect – which is sad for the movies’ original fans, who would be keen to see how their favourite characters progress.


Parallels To The Christian Journey

Despite the film’s flaws, though, viewers with Christian values might see a parallel in their own lives to the portrayal of Beca’s individual trials and tribulations.

She flirts with the possibility of neglecting those who gave her happiness, love and faithfulness. Sound familiar?

Most of us have struggled with times of conflicted loyalties.

Jesus, on the other hand, provided a stark contrast to our shortcomings, saying in Matthew 28:20, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age”.

The Lord’s omnipresence, love and sacrifice remain constant reminders to us that we can never really repay the loyalty He’s shown us.

However, that doesn’t give us an excuse not to try!

Like Beca, we all face crossroads in life, and in those moments, it’s the timeless, Godly values such as loyalty over self-centredness, that are our best guide.