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Children’s Author Nat Amoore Steals the Spotlight with ‘The Right Way to Rock’

Despite its title, 'The Right Way to Rock' focuses on a kid from a rock family with a secret passion for musicals.

Listen: Children's author Nat Amoore discusses new book 'The Right Way to Rock' with Sam Robinson on Hope Breakfast

By Sam RobinsonTuesday 1 Jun 2021Hope BreakfastGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 1 minute

Musicals and music are celebrated in Nat Amoore’s new chapter book for kids.

Children’s author Nat Amoore has just released her brand new book, The Right Way to Rock, and despite its title it’s surprisingly a celebration of musicals. Speaking on Hope Breakfast, Nat explained the novel is about a kid named Mac Fleetwood Cooper, whose mum is obsessed with rock music, something that he doesn’t share.

“He’s a kid from a rock family, but he’s got a secret passion for Broadway musicals,” Nat said. “He’s a bit torn between making his mum proud, and following his dreams.”

Nat shared that she has always been a fan of musicals, which helped in the writing of this book.

“My grandma took me to my first live musical. My school was very strong in performing arts. I can’t sing to save myself, but I used to get roles like the Artful Dodger in OIiver, who doesn’t really sing – it’s more about character.”

The Right Way to Rock does away with chapters, and instead is structured by acts and scenes, with each starting with a song from a musical that has been re-written to describe what’s going on in Mac’s life.

The Right Way to Rock is out now. You can hear Sam’s chat with Nat Amoore in the player above, including Nat being put through her paces in the Hope Breakfast Rock Quiz.

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