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‘American Idol’ Finalist Danny Gokey on His New Single ‘Stand in Faith’

US singer Danny Gokey has just added powerful new single to his career line-up of Christian, country and Christmas albums and releases.

Listen: Danny Gokey chats with Esky from FRESH about his latest single and different musical influences

By David EsquenMonday 19 Jul 2021FRESHGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 1 minute

Danny Gokey is a multi-award winning artist from Wisconsin, US, who got his start in American Idol 2009.

He’s released several albums including a Country album, a Christmas release, several Christian albums, and has just released a powerful new single.

Danny jumped on the Fresh Across Australia mic to chat about the new track, but also his various musical influences and why his start in Idol was particularly tough.