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The Crazy Fun World of Positive Pranking with Children’s Author Nat Amoore

By Sam RobinsonThursday 4 Jun 2020Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Sam and Duncan chat with Children's author Nat Amoore about light-hearted schoolyard pranks

It is so important in today’s world for kids to find their voice, and have it heard. But what if the way they did it was through pranking…positive pranking?

That’s the concept of Nat Amoore’s new book for kids, The Power of Positive Pranking, which is described as ‘the outrageous story of three 11-year-old best friends, one greedy mayor and a whole lot of pranking’.

Speaking to Hope Breakfast’s Sam & Duncan, Nat explained why she decided to write a fun book that actually shows kids they have an important place in society.

“With kids there have been some big problems and issues in the world and they feel overwhelmed…that they don’t have a say because they are just kids, and they aren’t old enough or powerful enough to make change. I wanted to show that everybody actually has the power to do something. If everybody started with the thing they can do, that would have a massive effect across the planet,” Nat said.

In the book, lead character Casey and her friends see ‘positive pranking’ as their way of activism.

“They sneak in early to the school assembly and gaffer tape a bunch of alarm clocks underneath chairs — having set them all a minute apart. So they start going off, but nobody knows where the sound is coming from because they are spread around the entire school hall. Building up to a big crescendo that may or may not be located under the principal.”

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When quizzed on how true to life these pranks are, Nat remained fairly tight-lipped.

“I’m probably never going to admit how much of this book is based on real life experiences. I just say that some of it may or may not have been inspired by some people I may or may not have known that may or may not have done in their past,” she said.

The very funny novel The Power of Positive Pranking by Nat Amoore is out now. Hear the full interview, above.

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