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‘Princesses Wear Sneakers’ – The Book Teaching Girls to Be Active and Strong

When TV sports presenter Sam Squiers had daughters, she wanted to start reading them books about girls in sport. There weren't many... so she wrote one.

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By Clare BruceTuesday 4 Aug 2020Hope MorningsCultureReading Time: 2 minutes

When TV sports presenter Sam Squiers had her first daughter Imogen in 2017, she wanted to start reading her children’s books about girls in sport. 

She discovered, though, a gap in the market: there just weren’t many books like that at all.

Having founded ‘Sportette’ in 2014, she was already a big advocate for women in sport, giving keynote speeches on the issue and consulting with sporting organisations and brands on how to “improve their women’s game”. Now, she decided, it was time to become a children’s author too – and has just released her book, Princesses Wear Sneakers.

Sam Squiers and daughter Imogen with book Princesses Wear Sneakers

“I realised there was a piece of puzzle missing here,” Sam said. “Literature plays such  a huge role in helping explain to children the world they live in, and I just feel it’s an important time to start sending key messages to girls about sport.”

Princesses Wear Sneakers shows girls that they have strength and courage, and can make a difference.

“It teaches girls their sporting skills aren’t limited to the field or court, and encourages them to be the one who saves the day,” Sam said.

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Sam hosts a podcast, On Her Game, interviewing elite sportswomen about their challenges, setbacks and triumphs. Many of the woman she speaks to, cite Cathy Freeman’s dream run in the 2000 Sydney Olympics as their big inspiration when they were young girls. It’s proof, says Sam, just how important it is for women in sport to be visible as role models and inspirations to little girls.

Princesses Wear Sneakers is available wherever good books are sold.

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