The Hope 103.2 Astronaut Conversations – Hope 103.2

The Hope 103.2 Astronaut Conversations

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 17 Jul 2019

Hope 103.2 has interviewed a surprising number of astronauts over the years, from 10th man on the moon, Charlie Duke, to space-travelling YouTube star Chris Hadfield and more.


Walking on the Moon with Charlie Duke – The Open House Interview with Sheridan Voysey

Charlie-DukeCharlie Duke, 10th astronaut to walk on the Moon, speaks to Sheridan Voysey House about his experiences in space, and his Christian faith. Read / Listen


Charlie Duke, 10th Man on the Moon – Hope Breakfast Interview with Aaron & Erin

Charles DukeCharlie Duke, the 10th Man on the moon talks to Aaron and Erin about his walk on the moon, and his walk with Jesus. Read / Listen 


NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams on the International Space Station – and His Faith in God

Jeff WilliamsJeff Williams is a career astronaut with NASA, and has lived on the international space station for half a year. Find out what it’s like living in space and seeing the earth as a beachball. Read / Listen

Astronaut and Surprising Youtube Star Chris Hadfield Returns to Earth

chris_hadfield 200When the astronaut and surprising Youtube star Chris Hadfield returned to Earth, Dwayne Jeffries of Open House had the chance to chat to him. Read / Listen


Reach for the Stars: Career Tips from Aussie Astronaut, Andy Thomas

Andy-Thomas-Aus-Astronaut-200Australia’s astronaut Dr Andy Thomas told Hope 103.2 that with strong education, a dream and determination, even the most ambitious dreams can come true. Read / Listen

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