A Chat with Citizens Frontman Zach Bolen – Hope 103.2

A Chat with Citizens Frontman Zach Bolen

By Hope 103.2Monday 25 Feb 2019FRESH

Seattle band Citizens returned to Sydney last month, almost two years to the day since their stunning sold-out show of 2017 with Kings Kaleidoscope.

This time around they played two nights at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville, joined by solo artist, and FRESH favourite, John Mark McMillan. Hundreds of Sydneysiders sang along loudly to Citizens’ hits Made Alive, You Brought Me Back to Life, and In Tenderness.

Sam Robinson spent some time talking with Citizens frontman and friend Zach Bolen backstage about his heart behind writing and making music, penning songs that are sung at churches around the world, the shift in sound throughout their career, and what to expect from their forthcoming crowdfunded fourth record, Fear.



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