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Tedashii Who?! A Parent’s Guide

By Duncan RobinsonThursday 7 Jun 2018Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

You might not know the name Tedashii. He is a member of the 116 Clique that was created by Trip Lee…. does that help? That crew also includes Lecrae, KB, Andy Mineo, Gawvi and 1K Phew. Ring any bells?

Ok. So that whole paragraph might not have made much sense, but this is the new crew of Hip-Hop stars that love Jesus. More than likely your 16 year old kids know these guys, and they are HUGE.

Tedashii has had a number one iTunes single and his latest project with Jordan Feliz, “Gotta Live” is burning up the charts.

Listen to anyone in the 116 Clique and you’ll notice a real depth and reflection in their songs. Tackling tough issues like depression, anxiety, loss, institutional injustice and heart break.

Tedashii isn’t afraid of rapping with depth and insight. Beneath the upbeat song “Gotta Live” lies the heart of real pain and loss. Tedashii has had to deal with the loss of his mum, sister and his 1 year old son. Yet through this pain and adversity his faith has been refined and resolved.

He has a mantra, #neverfold something that he wants the world to know. Like a diamond you can be made stronger through the pressures of life with faith in Jesus.

It might not be your style of music, but if you were looking for a Hip-Hop star for your kids, then Tedashii and the 116 Clique are well worth a listen.

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