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New Album, New Tour:
Our Chat with Seal (and a Giveaway)

By Clare BruceMonday 4 Dec 2017Hope Mornings

Listen: The one and only Seal chats to Katrina Roe.

After nine albums, four Grammy awards, and a career spanning a quarter century, Seal has won his place in the hearts of music lovers the world over.

And in Australia, the British pop singer has won an extra-special place, after his three seasons coaching on the TV show The Voice.  So it’s a nation he loves coming back to, time and again. Now, Seal is preparing for a headline tour here in 2018, as well as a star appearance at Blues Fest in Byron Bay.

He talked to Katrina Roe about the upcoming tour, and his new album, Standards.

Their chat covers the musical influences that have shaped him, how he got the nickname Seal, how he wrote Kiss from a Rose, and how he still loves singing it: “I should be so lucky to have one song that is synonymous with a lot of peoples’ growing up and a part of their lives as well as mine,” he said. “I’ve got to pinch myself every time I realise that is what Kiss from a Rose is. I never get tired of singing it. I’m lucky to have it.”

Seal talks about his 'Standards' album

Seal says that he still keeps in touch with the singers he has coached on The Voice, acting as a life coach to them, and that he has loved the experience of being on the show.

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“The reason I took the [opportunity] was because it was different to all the other shows, because of the Blind Auditions, and I found that to be really authentic,” he said. “Because it harks back to the old days of the music industry where an A & R man would hear talent, and then go and check it out based on what he or she heard. I liked that aspect of it, and that’s initially why I signed up to it.”

“I continue to keep in touch with the artists [I’ve coached] across all three seasons.”

He’s excited to be coming back to Australia to tour the new album, “a collection of songs that…are synonymous with all of our lives”. Standards features hits made famous by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and more.

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Tune into mornings with Katrina for a chance to win the new album, Standards, between 9am and 12pm, Monday December 3, to Wednesday December 5.

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