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“Jesus is Better than the Super Bowl” says Star NFL Coach

For 12 years Rocky Seto helped coach the Seattle Seahawks American Football team to. Yet he believes knowing Jesus is better than winning the Super Bowl.

By Duncan RobinsonThursday 9 Feb 2017Hope BreakfastGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Hope 103.2’s Duncan Robinson chats with NFL star coach Rock Seto. Above: NFL’s Seattle Seahawks assistant head coach Rocky Seto (L) with coach Pete Carroll. Source: Seahawks.com

If you follow American football, you’ve probably heard of Rocky Seto. For 12 years he was assistant head coach for the Seattle Seahawks, who won the 2014 Super Bowl and five Rose Bowl Titles.

Imagine then, how many eyes were watching when he retired from his coaching career this NFL season, with these final words: “Jesus is better than the Super Bowl.”

Hope Breakfast caught up with Rocky for a chat about his career, and his faith.

“It’s America’s game, it’s the dream of every boy growing up,” Rocky said. “To be a part of the Super Bowl and to win. I got to experience that in, of all places, New York.”

It was one of America’s great sporting moments: the country’s top defenders against the number one offence. Seattle came out on top and Rocky Seto as an assistant coach got a chance to make history. But Rocky told us it wasn’t the greatest moment of his life.

“Jesus is better than the Super Bowl,” he said. “The Super Bowl is so iconic to our country, but it is like an idol. Knowing Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour is better than whatever your Super Bowl is.”

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Even after climbing to the top of the sporting mountain and winning a title on the biggest stage, Rocky is convinced that having faith in Christ is better. It partly led him to the decision to step away from football.

“I always saw coaching as an opportunity to minister,” he said. “When you’re a Seahawk football coach people let you into prisons and you start preaching to prisoners. They let you into schools and you start preaching to the kids. They let you into hospitals and you start preaching about Jesus. You have this incredible access to people because you’re an NFL coach. But in the end I had a strong desire to preach the word and serve as an NFL Pastor.”