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Aled Jones:
Recapturing a Love of Singing and Celebrating His Faith

By Stephen O'DohertyThursday 28 Sep 2017Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

Listen: Open House Aled Jones special. Production by Stephen O’Doherty

He had the proverbial voice of an angel and he used it well.

Aled Jones shot to word wide attention as the most prominent boy soprano of the 1980s with record sales in the multi millions.

When his voice broke at age 16 all that came to a sudden stop and the question was, what would happen next?

Aled went on to star on stage, screen and radio in a variety of role, including musical theatre.

But as he told Open House it has only been in recent years that he has felt as much at ease, and in love, with singing as he was in his early career.

Ahead of an Australian tour we spoke with Aled Jones about early fame, his career transitions, and his faith.

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This special report includes music from his recently released One Voice – a remarkable album in which he duets with his former self, thanks to a never before released tape found in his parents attic.

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