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Why ‘The Sound Of Music’ Brings Cameron Daddo To Tears

Aussie actor Cameron Daddo tells why playing Captain Von Trapp in The Sound Of Music is such an emotional experience.

By Clare BruceTuesday 12 Jan 2016Hope BreakfastGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Cameron Daddo chats to Dan & Laura about his role as Captain Von Trapp.

It’s clear that an actor’s emotionally in touch with their role, when they’re accused of “crying all the time” during performances.

That’s the charge levelled against Cameron Daddo by one of the youngest actors in the Australian stage production of The Sound Of Music.

“My ‘daddy’ keeps crying,” is how the little actress playing Gretl put it to her mum. She was referring to Daddo in his role as Captain Von Trapp – the endearing and much-loved father of seven children in classic movie and stage show.

In a recent interview with Hope 103.2’s Dan and Laura, the Aussie actor said it was a very tear-inducing role to play – particularly during his performance of the famous song Edelweiss.

“It is emotional,” he said.

He likened the moment to an Australian singing a patriotic song like Waltzing Matilda.

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“Could you imagine an oppressor coming into Australia, and you’ve been asked to sing at a concert [where the audience is] full of your enemy, and you get up and you sing Waltzing Matilda to them?”

Why Cameron Daddo Identifies With Captain Von Trapp

Maria and the Von Trapp children in the Australian production of The Sound Of Music

Daddo believes the musical is “the best ever written”.

“I think the reason the show has endured the way it has, is because of the themes of love, of one person [making] a difference, the music, the kids,” he said. “There’s so much in there to grab hold of.”

He said he identifies with Captain Von Trapp’s character on a personal level.

“I was a musician long before I was an actor,” he said. “We had a pianola at our house, and when I was about seven I found it and started plinking away on it.

“Music’s always been part of my life and there’s been moments where I’ve suppressed it. I’d pushed music away for five years, and things were really tough in my life, and my wife said, “why don’t you pull your guitar out again? You haven’t done a gig in years. Just go play your music.”

“And that just opened my life again.

“From that moment, I did Legally Blonde, and now The Sound Of Music, and I’ve just finished an album and that’ll be released mid January.

“So I really get that when the Captain has shut down his life so much, and suddenly he’s had his world opened again to music.

“It’s very much reflected in my life.”

Daddo and his family (he is married to 1990’s Australian model Alison Brahe and has three children), spent several years living and working in the USA, appearing in shows such as 24, Monk, CSI: Miami, Boston Legal, NCIS, The Mentalist and The West Wing.

The Sound Of Music stars Amy Lehpamer as Maria and Marina Prior as the Baroness, and is now showing at The Capitol Theatre.