A Chat With Edwina Bartholomew from ‘Sunrise’, and her #SecretSydney Tips - Hope 103.2

A Chat With Edwina Bartholomew from ‘Sunrise’, and her #SecretSydney Tips

Edwina Bartholomew from TV's 'Sunrise' chats to Duncan about her favourite spots in Sydney, and what she really thinks of David Koch!

By Duncan RobinsonThursday 20 Oct 2016Hope BreakfastGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 3 minutes

Listen: Brekky host Duncan chats to Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew. All pictures: Facebook 

Chatting with Edwina Bartholomew is always fun. I first met her at my sister’s wedding. For someone so incredibly busy, I was stunned to learn she did flower arrangements on the side! 

Edwina has a relentless schedule and her journey to co-hosting Channel Seven’s Sunrise show involved a lot of hard work. She first earned her shot at the Sunrise show as an intern, much like our own brekky co-host Laura Bennett.

Starting over a decade ago she spent three years as the weather reporter, then hosted Dancing with the Stars, and now co-hosts Sunrise. So as a regular girl-about-town, I figured that if anyone had some ‘Secret Sydney’ locations to share, Edwina would!

She joined me on the Brekky show to share her insider tips.

Edwina’s Secret Sydney Tips

The team from Channel Seven's Sunrise

Above: Edwina out and about in Sydney with the Sunrise team.

The first ‘Secret Sydney’ tip Edwina shared was the Sydney Flower Markets. It’s one of her favourite spots to visit.

To really enjoy the best of the markets she recommends you get there really early to shop for some of the freshest flowers in Sydney. It makes for a great morning adventure, and you can pick up some fantastic flowers for you house.

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“If you’re not a morning person it’s probably not for you but if you go at 6 or 7 in the morning you can see all the florists from around Sydney collecting their orders. I love the Sydney Markets. That’s my number one.”

“It really feels like the outer reaches of Sydney…You feel the history.”

Eddie’s second Secret Sydney tip was Wiseman’s Ferry. If you’re a fan of author Kate Grenville’s The Secret River then this place on Sydney’s outskirts is a fantastic adventure. You can get a real sense of our here and it is a profoundly beautiful place.

“I went there when I was doing the weather and it really feels like the outer reaches of Sydney,” she said. “You feel the history at the local pub there and down by the ferry.”

Her third recommendation for great spots to visit in Sydney was an obvious one – but a goodie. She loves Centennial Park – not far from her home – that gorgeous big park right in the heart of Sydney, which has recently had an upgrade to its coffee shop.

It’s well worth a visit for a park adventure or a leisurely Sunday stroll.

On Working With David ‘Kochie’ Koch

Edwina Bartholomew and David Koch from Sunrise

Above: Edwina and her Sunrise co-host, David ‘Kochie’ Koch.

Edwina and I both share the pleasure of having worked with Sunrise host David Koch, aka Kochie—so we chatted a little about the old guy. No matter who you talk to about David Koch, similar themes keep coming up: that he is a wonderful family man, a fantastic grandad—and both incredibly astute and slightly dorky all at once.

One of his more endearing characteristics is that the person you see on screen, is the very same person you meet in the flesh. It’s an attribute Edwina attests to.

Supporting Elka Whalan’s Self Esteem Initiative, ‘Queenhood’

Edwina Bartholomew and fellow speakers at Queenhood event

Above: Edwina Bartholomew and fellow speakers Leilani Abels and Jessica Rowe, with Elka Whalan, at a Queenhood event

In our chat, we also got talking about Queenhood, an initiative created by Elka Whalan – an online portal and series of events designed to encourage and empower women.

“It’s such a strong message nowadays, to pump up other women instead of tearing them down – which can be so common on social media,” Edwina said.

Edwina supported Queenhood by speaking at its first event, which our very own Emma Mullings attended. Edwina said it was a great success—pointing out how tough it is going to an evening event when you rise at 3am everyday to be on morning TV.