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Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Races Jesus Ute For 200th Time

Jesus Racing’s Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher has reached a career milestone, speeding by the chequered flag for the 200th time in his V8 Ute.

By Clare BruceFriday 25 Sep 2015Guests and ArtistsReading Time: 2 minutes

Jesus Racing’s Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher has reached a career milestone, speeding by the chequered flag for the 200th time in his V8 Ute.

The milestone race, on Saturday, September 12, was part of the 2015 V8 Ute Series, held at Sandown racecourse – the “home of horsepower”, in Springvale, Victoria.

And while he didn’t take out first place in Race 1 of the series, he came in 7th and then won Race 2 the following day, making his 201st race a very memorable one.

A Touch Of Grace On The Race Track

The Jesus Racing V8 ute out in front

The Aussie racing legend faced challenges in Race 1, including a blown power steering hose on the car in front of him, which sprayed oil all over the windscreen of the Jesus Falcon — and the track.

There was also a tight corner where Andrew could have gained a position by brute force but instead showed grace to his competitor, giving him room as they turned side by side.

“There is no use forcing someone off the track in turn one,” Andrew said. “There’s more important things in life than doing that to people. I just hope he remembers it when the roles are reversed.”

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After winning in Race 2 the next day, Andrew joked that “It would have been better to win the 200th race but we’ll take it in the 201st… Jesus came through!”

Racing Car Driver On A Mission From God

Andrew Fisher drives the Jesus Racing Ute on the race track

Andrew’s racing career began in Daewoos, MGs and Lotus’, and then progressed to the V8 Ute series in 2008.

He felt a prompting by God to represent Jesus in his ute, and initially considered using a fish symbol — but his wife challenged him to get a little bolder. He did, displaying the Bible Society’s “Jesus – All About Life” logo on his vehicle.

Andrew explained that his aim is to challenge the stereotypes of what it means to follow Jesus.

“We wanted to challenge people’s paradigms by putting the name of Jesus on the car,” he said, “so we looked at what would be the most diametrically opposed series to what someone would think a Christian would participate in.

“It had to be the V8 Utes. It was simply the most competitive, aggressive, argy-bargy, paint swapping series going around.”

Jesus & ‘Fishtail’ Both Well Known On The Aussie Race Circuit

Andrew 'Fishtail' Fisher at a race in Perth

“Fishtail”, as he is best known, and the Jesus Racing Team have become one of the most popular and prominent teams in motor racing as they have developed their campaigns both on and off the track.

Fishtail has won 6 races and finished on the podium 25 times – that’s more than 10 percent of his races.

“The V8 Ute series has been great to us as a team and as a driver, I have really enjoyed competing in every race we have had,” he said.

“When we started in the Utes I would never have dreamt that we would still be there 200 races later.”