Family Force 5 - ChapStique Interview

Family Force 5 – ChapStique Interview

By Erin La MacchiaTuesday 16 Feb 2010

In the lead up to Family Force 5‘s visit to Australia this January Erin Marsh spoke to member ChapStique (Derek Mount) about dance moves, costumes, the bands sound and their approach to ministry.

Family Force 5 gained instant success with both Christian and mainstream markets when on March 21st 2006 they released their first full length album Business Up Front/Party in the Back. They now have a popular documentary show on Youtube.

ChapStique describes their sound as Party Rock and explains how Family Force 5 encourages their listeners to have hope and joy as the band has the “heart to reach out to people that other Christian bands don’t reach… we make music that we hope anyone can relate to”

Listen Now
Family Force 5 talk to Erin live in Sydney (January 2010)

Erin Marsh chats to ChapStique on the eve of their Australian tour

Useful Links
- Family Force 5 band site
- Family Force 5 Really Real Show on YouTube

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