Event: Hope Book Club Live 'The Wattle Island Book Club' - Hope 103.2

Event: Hope Book Club Live ‘The Wattle Island Book Club’

Life’s just better with a book. But it’s even better to share your favourite books with friends at a Hope Book Club Live event.

By Hope 103.2Thursday 9 Mar 2023Hope Book ClubBooksReading Time: 3 minutes

Hope Book Club hosts Georgia and Simone would love all Hope booklovers to join them at the at the next Hope Book Club LIVE event. The perfect chance to get to know each other, while also delving into the heart-warming Australian novel The Wattle Island Book Club by Sandi Docker

Welcome to The Wattle Island Book Club, where some chapters may end, but others are just beginning… Join us as we embark on a journey through the lives of Anne and Grace in this Hope Book Club Live events book.

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Meet the new Hope Book Club hosts Georgia and Simone and spend some time with other Hopeland booklovers!

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Join Georgia and Simone from the Hope Book Club podcast along with like-minded Hopelanders for a quick discussion about The Wattle Island Book Club by Sandi Docker.

In 1950, teenager Anne flees Wattle Island for the big city, where she learns that establishing the life she’s always dreamed of isn’t as easy as she thought. When a secret she’s been keeping is discovered, she has no choice but to retreat home and live a quiet life. But when tragedy strikes, establishing the Wattle Island book club is the only thing that offers her solace.

In 2018, spirited librarian Grace has been writing bucket lists since she was a child, and is ticking off as many challenges as she can now that life has handed her a hefty dose of perspective. Heading to Wattle Island on one of her adventures, she is determined to uncover a long-held mystery surrounding the town’s historic book club, unlocking a buried truth that has been trapped between the dusty pages of secrecy for years.

All too aware of how fragile life is, Anne and Grace must come together to help the residents of Wattle Island find the bravery to move beyond the trauma that tore the book club apart. Budding relationships offer new hope, along with a library project for the town’s future – but it will take more than a few lively literary debates to break the silence and heal the past.

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Is it ever too late to rewrite your own story? Read the book, then join us for an interactive discussion on Thursday 28 July at 7.30pm.

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