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‘Lego Masters’ Brickman Still Loves Getting Lego for Christmas

One of only 14 certified Lego professionals in the world, Ryan McNaught is back judging Lego Masters.

By Steff WillisMonday 9 May 2022Hope NightsEntertainmentReading Time: 2 minutes

Ryan McNaught has what most people would consider to be a dream job.

Despite getting paid to play with Lego on a daily basis through the hit show Lego Masters, Ryan McNaught aka “The Brickman” still loves receiving a Lego set for Christmas.

“I don’t take work home with me,” he said but also confessed he still asks for Lego as a present.

“I always love at Christmas shaking the box and it makes that sound and then doing Lego at Christmas,” Ryan said.

Brickman on Lego Masters
Image: Brickman on Lego Masters / Supplied.


Joining Hamish Blake for another season of Lego Masters, “The Brickman” will judge teams of two who use their imagination – and a Brick Pit, holding 3.8 million Lego bricks – to wow and dazzle.

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“What impresses us the most is their creative process,” Paul said. “Just how they come up with ideas on the spot under all that pressure is really inspiring.”

When asked about his toughest build, he describes the 1,600 hours he spent with his team working on a life size T-Rex weighing more than 1.5 tonne.

However, what is even tougher for Brickman is the eliminations on Lego Masters.

“They give absolutely everything and then to tell them, unfortunately, they’ve got to go home after all that effort, it’s a bit anti-Lego” says Brickman.

Brickman and his team have just launched a brand-new exhibition: “Bricktionary: The Interactive Lego Brick Exhibition” on the Gold Coast.

Lego Masters airs on Channel 9, Sundays, Monday and Tuesday at 7pm.

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Feature image: The cast of Lego Masters / Supplied