Win a Mosaic-At-Home Kit From Art Masterclass – Hope 103.2

Win a Mosaic-At-Home Kit From Art Masterclass

Get creative and design your own mosaic decor with Art Masterclass At-Home Kits.

By Hope 103.2Monday 20 Sep 2021WinEntertainment

Tune into Afternoons with Ben McEachen on Hope 103.2 all this week for your chance to win a Mosaic Candle Holder Home Kit from Art Masterclass

Art Masterclass is a pioneer boutique art studio that offers a variety of traditional Turkish arts and crafts classes and DIY Mosaic Lamp or Candle Holder Home Kits. The At-Home Kit includes everything you need for the process in the box posted directly your home. All you need to do is get your creativity ready.

Art Masterclass is the first and only workshop that teaches the craftsmanship of traditional Turkish mosaic lamps. Let Art Masterclass introduce you to traditional craftsmanship of Turkish Mosaic lamps, a 500-year ancient craft, which is one of the centrepieces of orient culture, arts and decoration.

Order your kit or book into a class, for after lockdown, at Art Masterclass.