Win A $200 Voucher to Celebrate 'Making It Australia' On Channel 10 – Hope 103.2

Win A $200 Voucher to Celebrate ‘Making It Australia’ On Channel 10

Creativity lives inside all of us, and people everywhere have rediscovered the joy of making things by hand. Watch 'Making It Australia'!

By Hope 103.2Monday 13 Sep 2021WinEntertainment

Tune into Breakfast with Sam Robinson on Hope 103.2 all this week for your chance to win a $200 Bunnings or Spotlight voucher. This is thanks to the crafty new series, Making It Australia, starting Wednesday on Channel 10.

Making It Australia is a series that celebrates enthusiastic, professional and amateur craftspeople, skilled across multiple disciplines and ready to push themselves outside of their comfort zones, to create personal handmade items from the heart.

Hosted by comedians Susie Youssef and Harley Breen, Making It Australia brings together 13 of the country’s best “Makers”, to compete in our utterly gorgeous barn, from sewing to woodworking, papercrafts to pottery, and carving to crocheting.

On hand to encourage their creativity and share their hard-earned wisdom with our makers, are our judges; award-winning production designer Deborah Riley, and renowned paper engineer Benja Harney.

Each episode will focus on a theme that draws its inspiration from popular trends in crafting and DIY. The makers must complete two challenges per episode, with the winner earning a coveted award honouring their victory: a patch. In the end, only one hopeful will have crafted and DIY’d enough to earn the title of Master Maker and $100,000.

Making It Australia is on 7:.0pm Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel 10 and 10Play On Demand.