Andrew Levins - Lifting the Lid on Being a DJ [Audio] – Hope 103.2

Andrew Levins – Lifting the Lid on Being a DJ [Audio]

By Ally BarnesMonday 30 Mar 2020Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Sam and Duncan chat with Children's author and DJ Andrew Levins

Andrew Levins is a multi talented man – he’s a food writer, podcaster, TEDx speaker and author, but his longest career has been in DJing.

On Lifting the Lid, Levins explained that DJing is more involved than creating a playlist and pressing play, but that you don’t have to be overly musical to “beat match”. 

He also shared about his transition to writing, and the inspiration behind his first kids book Nelson – Pumpkins and Aliens.
Nelson by Andrew Levis - book cover

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