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St Patrick’s Cathedral Becomes a Work of Art in July with “Light Up St Pat’s”

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 2 Jul 2019

St Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta will be transformed into a giant, multi-coloured work of art in July, with a stunning light show called “Light Up St Pat’s” decorating its front façade.

The light display, featuring animated artworks around the theme of Hope, will appear each night from July 6 to 21, and is being presented by the church to build a stronger connection to its community.

Art works in the light show will include the work of Sydney Bouhaniche, an artist from Sydney’s Vivid festival, as well as works created by students from the Maronite College of the Holy Family.

Opening night is on July 6, with the light show running from 6 to 11pm on weeknights and 7 to 11pm on weekends until July 21.

Images from Light up St Pats 2017

Above: Images from the 2017 Light Up St Pat’s event, portraying the gospel story.

Each day the church will be open, with art works and historical and religious items on display, allowing visitors to walk through and tour the church or sit in quiet contemplation.

Other highlights of the two week event include an organ recital at 8pm on Wednesday, July 10, games and activities for kids from 7:30pm on July 11 and 18, an open choir rehearsal on Wednesday, July 17 at 7:30pm, a faith talk featuring Dr Robert Tilley on July 19th, 7:30pm, and a live performance by worship duo Gus & Iggy, 7:30pm on Saturday, July 20.

The event was first presented in 2017, and is being supported by PAYCE Foundation and City of Parramatta Council as part of the city’s Winterlight festival.

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