Meet Anna Humberstone, Founder of the Amazing 'Hummingsong Choirs' on 'Australia's Got Talent' – Hope 103.2

Meet Anna Humberstone, Founder of the Amazing ‘Hummingsong Choirs’ on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’

By Katrina RoeMonday 2 Sep 2019Hope Mornings

Listen: Anna Humberstone from Hummingsong Choir talks to Katrina Roe about the choir's heartwarming run on Australia's Got Talent.

Incredible singer-songwriters are almost a dime a dozen on TV talent shows these days — but women’s acapella choirs? Now that’s different.

When the Hummingsong Community Choirs of Sydney first appeared on Australia’s Got Talent in August they captivated judges and audiences alike with their moving rendition of Somewhere Only We Know.

Katrina Roe caught up with the choir’s founder, the inspirational Anna Humberstone — a woman with a passion to help women fleeing domestic violence, through the power of song.

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