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The Power of Women’s Stories: In Conversation with Author Sally Colin-James

Sally breathes new life and dimension into the experiences of women that history forgot, giving voice to their stories.

By Georgia FreeFriday 12 Jan 2024Hope Book ClubBooksReading Time: 2 minutes

They say history can’t be rewritten – but what if it was forgotten in the first place?

Hope Book Club have returned from their summer hiatus with a thought-provoking chat with author Sally Colin-James, author of One Illumined Thread, about the forgotten women of history – including an important Biblical figure.

In this conversation, Sally and Georgia discuss the inspiration behind the book, the extensive research process, and how the themes of faith woven throughout impacted her own spirituality. Sally also shares the bizarre reason of how a traffic light was the catalyst for her career transition from corporate to writing.

About the Book

Sally’s debut novel One Illumined Thread is a stunning historical novel spanning 2,000 years. From King Herod’s rule in Judea, to Renaissance Florence and contemporary Australia, three powerful women – separated by centuries – unexpectedly find themselves connected by a thread.

In the novel, we are introduced to Elisheva, a woman living in Judea under the brutal rule of King Herod. Elisheva yearns for a child but is outcast when she does not fall pregnant. In Renaissance Florence, we meet Antonia, a young wife left penniless by her unfaithful husband, struggling to support herself and her son. And in contemporary Australia, we follow the journey of Dr. Elizabeth Reed, a talented textile conservator devastated by loss, desperate to regain control of her life.

Author Sally Colin-James, photos supplied

Sally visited Israel to conduct research for ‘One Illumined Thread’.

Forgotten Women of the Bible

The novel centers around the struggles and triumphs of these forgotten women– giving them a voice. Perhaps most poignant, is the heart wrenching story of Elisheva (Elizabeth) – the mother of John the Baptist. Sally breathes new life and dimension into her experiences that the Bible does not detail, giving the reader a fuller understanding of her pain.

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